The water treatment systems of Agrona increase the oxygen content in the water and around the root system. Our high-quality biostimulants increase resilience and stimulate soil life. More oxygen means more production!
Growers still appear to underestimate the disease pressure from the drippers or the total watering system. pathogens also develop in the water system that you are not waiting for. Organisms extract oxygen from their environment, which can lead to an anaerobic situation in the irrigation system. Especially in the autumn (due to a longer time between the drips) and in the summer (due to a high water temperature) this situation can occur in which the pathogens start to dominate.
The turning point from aerobic to anaerobic can occur within a few hours. It is not difficult to imagine what happens if a system (after the last turn) just stops for 12 to 16 hours until the next morning or the water temperature is 26 degrees. In addition, the pH in the system drops. Sometimes the difference between the unit and the drippers increases by 1 to 2 points. That is also not favorable for the development of the roots.
Many growers try to anticipate with a gift of disinfectants or give a higher dosage before the night. They always check the ppm from the drippers to prevent the gift from breaking. With Agrona products, this is no longer necessary!
Veel telers proberen te anticiperen met een gift van ontsmettingsmiddelen of geven een hogere dosering vóór de nacht. Ze controleren altijd de ppm’s uit de druppelaars om te voorkomen dat ze doorslaan met de gift. Met de producten van Agrona hoeft dit allemaal niet meer!
A popular product of Agrona is the organic product AG STIM. This product converts organic matter into anorganic matter. This keeps the pipes clean. AG STIM also stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria that improves soil life.
AG STIM improves the resistance of the plant against fungi and bacteria. The result is more nutrient uptake and a healthier and stronger crop. All you have to do is check the irrigation system and flush it.
Ensure that the first irrigation cycle has a high oxygen content. This is an absolute necessary for a good development of the crop. Still water mainly causes oxygen decline. Agrona has the perfect solution for this problem! The OXYBULL aeration system is placed in the waterstorage tank or clean waterstorage tank. It keeps the water in full motion through the micro air bubbles the oxygen content will be increased to 100%. This guarantees 100% oxygen input for the entire waterstorage tank in whatever circumstances.
Oxygen therefore stimulates the growth of useful bacteria and improves the quality of the water. The OXYBULL aeration system ensures that the water storage is free of organic matter and algae. We advise to use the AG STIM in combination with the OXYBULL for optimum results!
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