Global warming is getting warmer. A good example of this is the dry, hot summer of last year. Because it gets warmer and the radiation gets bigger, the oxygen content will drop to a very low value. This will give the plant more difficulty in absorbing enough oxygen, which will have an adverse effect on the plant. Furthermore, the sensitivity of pathogens in the plant will increase. By using an oxygen sensor you get a better picture of the oxygen content of your plants and you can anticipate this where necessary.
It is important that the root environment has enough oxygen, which determines the water- and nutrient uptake of a plant. Plants with unhealthy roots are less able to withstand pathogens. Oxygen can reach the roots of plants through a number of ways. Namely from the gift water or by diffusion from the substrate. A consequence of the oxygen deficiency is that the toxic water becomes oxygen-free. The reason that it becomes oxygen-free is because biofilms are created by organic substances in the gift water. The water must remain moving, because these microorganisms use the oxygen when the water doesn’t move. It is also important to keep the pipes clean to prevent biofilms.
A plant needs oxygen, nutrients, assimilates, water and CO2 to function properly. This is necessary for the uptake of nutrient elements and for maintaining the cells under tension. It has been investigated that a higher value of nitrite is being measured when there is a lack of oxygen. Nitrate is converted to nitrite in the event of a lack of oxygen. Too much nitrite is toxic for people and plants. This is not the only disadvantage of a lack of oxygen, so roots can get fungus faster such as: the Phytium, Phytophthora and the Fusarium. Research has shown that a good oxygen content has a positive visible effect on the leaf growth and development of the plant. The oxygen content is determined by various factors, namely: climate control, heat, planting activity, watering strategy and microbial activity. The oxygen content can be monitored with the help of an oxygen sensor. This way you can see the condition of your plants.
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