The OXYBULL aeration system ensures that the oxygen concentration in both the water and around the roots of plants is at optimum levels. High levels of oxygen in the water are crucial for the development and growth of plants. To ensure optimum levels of oxygen input, the OXYBULL system may be used in horticulture. When the OXYBULL system is used in combination with our oxygen meters, the specific level of oxygen may also be displayed on a computer.
Over the past few years this aeration system, the OXYBULL, was developed that provides lots of oxygen and mixes the water. As a result, the water storage is free of organic pollution and algae growth. This is achieved by using alternative materials and special production technologies. The OXYBULL, the fine bubble aeration system, is a guarantee for optimal water quality.
Agrona is based in Berkel en Rodenrijs, South Holland (NL), and operates globally.
It ensures optimal movement of the water
Increases the oxygen level to 100%
Prevents algae growth
Breaks down organic matter
Improves the quality of water
Keeps the drip lines clean
Stimulates the root system
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