About us

Agrona is a Dutch producer specialized in water treatment systems and bio-stimulants for agriculture and horticulture.
We offer specialized knowledge and safe solutions that improve the health, resistance and productivity of crops.
Our products have already proven to be successful in improving soil life and resilience.
We are reliable, offer no-nonsense, realistic solutions and are happy to communicate in an open and personal way.
We distinguish ourselves with our special water treatment systems and biostimulants for agriculture and horticulture.
These ensure that crop vitality is improved.
Combining traditional mineral fertilizers with our bio-stimulants is the future. We help you to grow your crop to the limit.
We work together with local partners and work close to our customers. Agrona is based in Berkel en Rodenrijs (ZH) and works internationally.
We are active worldwide with our headquarters in the Netherlands and subsidiaries in France, Spain, Canada and Mexico.
Do you have questions about our products or services? Please contact.
Agrona the growth specialist