Why an investment in water quality is needed for horticulture!

One of the most important carriers that the crop needs is water. Water ensures that the plant can grow and stay healthy. This seems obvious, but the water quality at most growers is certainly not optimal. As a result, many algae will develop, more dirt will remain in the water and mould and bacteria will have the chance to damage the crop. In addition, drip lines are affected and become contaminated. This reduces the root development of the crop, making the crop less vital. There is also a disadvantage in the economic field. Because the productivity of the plants is lowered there will be fewer high-quality products removed from the crop. Due to various virus and fungal infections, it costs a company a lot of production loss every year.

The solution for this problem

This enormous list of negative consequences must be remedied. There are different ways to solve these problems. One way to remedy this is to move water in the basins more. Stagnant water lowers the water quality and algae, bacteria and moulds will develop. By allowing the water to move and aerate, the oxygen level in the water will be increased, so that negative organisms have less chance of survival. That is why investing in machines that resolve these problems is a must, as a result of which the return will be earned back quickly. An example of such a machine is the Oxybull aeration system from Agrona. This device ensures that the water is enriched and oxygen content is increased. Furthermore, it ensures that there is movement in the water, which results in optimum water quality. All those negative consequences will be improved and the crop will optimize.


How does it work?

The Oxybull aeration system compresses the air through a special membrane so that the oxygen connects with the water and the oxygen content remains high. The harmful substances gets broken down and a better bacteria environment is created. Independent studies have shown the added value through the Oxybull aeration system. If you do not do this, your company will miss out on a lot of sales and your plants will live in a worse environment with a greater risk of disease. In other words, a development that is needed.