“Bioreactor for clean water and drip system”

Seeds growing company SeedCare in Oosterleek, North Holland, produces under 40 hectares of glass. They have as many as 40 different crops of seeds for national and international breeding companies. The vegetable crops, such as cucumber and tomato, are grown in the ground. The pot plants, including cyclamen, primula and begonia, stand on fixed cultivation tables. The crops get water as needed, so there is no drain or drainage water. The company does not recirculate the water.

Clean irrigation water

“Because parental lines are generally genetically weak, they are very sensitive to diseases such as pythium and phytophthora,” says owner Mark Keulen. “We work with the ABR bioreactor to keep the irrigation water clean of these and other infectious diseases.” Mark Keulen has not opted for UV or ozone to disinfect the rain and surface water. “This will also kill all the good micro life in the water. With the bioreactor we stimulate the positive bacteria and the water comes out clean and resistant. “The ABR system ensures balance in healthy microbiology and control of infectious diseases in the water.

Feeding bacteria with stimulator

The Agrona bioreactor consists of a tank filled with water and membranes that form a large surface for adhesion to (good) bacteria. A mounted compressor drives the aeration of the water. The addition of AG-Stim, an organic bio-stimulator that contains nutrients for micro-organisms, stimulates the bacterial multiplication process. The vibration of the membrane ensures that the bacteria are released and released together with the aerated water into the irrigation system. As a result, the drip lines are cleaned in an organic way, so that no hydrogen peroxide or chlorine product is needed.

Practical experience bioreactor

The seed cultivation company is now operating with the bioreactor for a year. This replaces a twenty-year-old lava filter. “It is a nice slim solution compared to the lava filter. The bioreactor works trouble-free and is easier to assemble. “Mark Keulen indicates that he does not have to worry about the bioreactor. Only every few days he makes a fresh solution of the AG stimulator, which is injected with a pulse pump into the incoming water stream.

Every hour, two cubic meters of water pass through the bioreactor. “Eight cubic meters of water per hour can also pass through, but then the water will remain in the reactor vessel for a shorter time. Now the two cubes, which are more than sufficient for the water needs of the company, go through it in a very relaxed way and it is very clean, “says Mark Keulen.

Source: https://www.glastuinbouwwaterproof.nl/nieuws/bioreactor-voor-schoon-water-en-druppelsysteem/