“Aeration system for higher oxygen levels at roots”

A high oxygen content in water is essential for the development of plants. In order to realize an optimal oxygen input, various vegetable companies in the glasshouse horticulture use the OXYBULL aeration system. The system ensures that the concentration of oxygen in the water and around the root environment is optimal. Combined with oxygen meters, the oxygen level on the computer can be represented in a graph.

Very small air bubbles

The aeration system is a kind of vibration plate, which pumps air through a special diaphragm cloth and thus provides millions of miniscule bubbles in the (rain) water basin or silo. If the system is in operation for at least 12 hours per day, the oxygen level in the water goes to the maximum of 10 milligrams per liter. The increased oxygen level is measurable up to the substrate mat.

“With more oxygen in the root environment creates a better root system, which provides more growth and higher productions”, says Nadir Laaguili, director Agrona. “Because of a more resilient crop, you need less chemistry to combat disease.”

Healthy and vital crop

According to the director, the aeration system produces a healthy and vital crop that makes cultivation easier. The EC is more stable, so correcting is less necessary. A higher plant load or changing weather conditions are also less of a problem, because the crop is in balance and therefore can take a beating.

With a higher oxygen level, the absorption of fertilizers is also better. Laaguili: “Extra oxygen that enters the cultivation system from the day’s supply, sees a grower in his crop. The plant can better absorb the nutrients, making the crop more vital and grows better. It also stimulates the beneficial micro-organisms, such as aerobic bacteria, in the cultivation medium. “This makes the soil food web stronger and the plant resistance greater.