What does the OXYBULL aeration system do?

The OXYBULL aeration system ensures that the oxygen concentration in the water and around the roots of plants is at optimum level.

How does the OXYBULL aeration system work?

OXYBULL aeration system can be placed in the pond or water storage. Air is pumped through the membrane, increasing the oxygen level in the water. This ensures that the water is being mixed in the water basin. As a result, the water storage is free of organic pollution and algae growth. The OXYBULL creates very fine air bubbles for a long-term and optimal oxygen level.


What are the benefits of an OXYBULL aeration system?

  • Optimal water movement
  • Increases the oxygen level up to 100%
  • Prevents algae growth
  • Breaks down organic matter
  • Improves water quality
  • Clean drip lines  
  • Stimulates the root system


How do you prevent pollution and algae growth in the water storage?

The air that is pumped through the membrane ensures that the oxygen content is increased in the water storage. Because the water is continuously mixed, there is no algae growth or organic pollution in the water.


What kind of maintenance is needed for the OXYBULL aeration system?

The OXYBULL is maintenance friendly. When the aeration system is switched off, with a time switch, the membrane surface becomes smaller and releases any dirt. This self-cleaning mechanism increases the life of the aeration system. In addition, the OXYBULL is made of stainless steel and therefore lasts a long time.

Do you need fewer chemicals when the OXYBULL aerating system is used?

Oxygen is an essential source for beneficial bacteria. Lack of oxygen in water is a clear indication of diseases. By using the OXYBULL aeration system, the chemicals oxidize in the water. In combination with our organic product AG STIM, the use of chlorine or hydrogen peroxide becomes unnecessary.

What’s the cost of the OXYBULL aeration system?

The OXYBULL aeration system is a sustainable product and innovation of Agrona. Because of our professionalism, we would like to offer a suitable quotation for every project. If you are curious about the cost for your company? Please contact us for further information.




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