Substrate cultivation knows a lot of advantages. The bottom is better to control for breeders in the greenhouse cultivation. Yet, it happens in this kind of horticulture that the cultivations have to deal with root diseases. Diseases are the most important reasons for the losses.

There are different ways for the breeders to handle the diseases. In the substrate cultivation, the breeders chose often for the entire pest control of everything in the bottom. But, there is a new strategy which is much more sophisticated and it keeps the earth healthy. The big disadvantage of the entire pest control is the fact that also the healthy organisms are included. A healthy bottom is also the basic for a good production for the breeders, so, healthy microbiology has to be given leeway, also in the substrate cultivation.

Do not underrate the value of water. Water is more than just a method to get the building materials in the cultivations, because water helps to preserve the balance in the microbiology and to fight against infectious diseases. It is something else for the soil cultivation. Even the smallest organisms get a chance in the rich bottom life.
It makes the cultivations stronger and it shall ensure that the infectious diseases that the cultivations can get, won’t get a chance. This has to be an example for the substrate cultivation. The fact is that precisely this difference is where the problem has his germ.

The water supply system plays an essential role in this case. The system is based on how nature does his work. In nature, the rain gets the first chance to make its way through the earth and comes into contact with the organisms. The space in the natural bottom makes this possible. Only then, the crop roots will be reached and this can be imitated by this system. This happens in the bioreactor. By giving the micro-organisms a fixed place in the cyclus and to keep this, the cultivations will be more adapt. They develop a healthy immune system against the infectious diseases which can affect the roots. Because the quantity of these so-called pathogens takes off, may reduce the risk of diseases. Also, long-term.
It has now been chosen for more power instead of the entire pest control.

The system is based on layers of filters. These are necessary to carry out the micro-organisms. The air circulation, as well as the downside as the upper side of the system, take care of the addition of oxygen. In accordance with the different measuring element, the process can be followed and optimised. This way, the highest quality of the current will be realised.

Boosts resistance
Stimulates the root system
Enhances mineral uptake
Keeps drip lines clean
Improves quality
Stimulates photosynthesis and sugar production
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